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Ooricks in da paet hill

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

When I wis peerie we spent da heel Simmer ida paet hill - My Faider, Grandad an Uncle's casted da paets an me an my peerie bridder hed da whole hill tae investigate an play in. Wir favourite thing tae do wis tae veesit da Staneydale temple, hay picnics, platch trow guttery hols an geng lookin fir trows. We tried wir best ta cast paets wi da tushker but dee aa ended up gyaain ida greff, so we jöst bed clear! Wir Midder an my Granny wid mak grub tae tak tae da paet-hill fir wis aa tae aet when we made it 1/2 wye on da paet bank. We gae a haand wi da raisin, turnin, baggin an takkin da paets hame. We wid geen aroond da heel Simmer helpin faimily an neebors wi dir paets afore da wadder turned.

Whin I started writin my 2nd book 'Ooricks in da paet-hill' I wrat it fae my point o view, I realised dat dis wis not whit an Oorick wid see so I re-wrat da poem an fae da Ooricks perspective - Seein da paet hill fae da een o a 7 inch Oorick wis braaly interestin an braaly gluffy! Dir da perfect size ta get swallied bi a swaabie! Da characters Roosk an Bulder appear in dis book an you follow dem on a day ida paet-hill castin paets. Da yalloo rubber böts dat appear belang tae my Grandad - he pops up trow da book ta shaa fok foo peerie da Ooricks ir. Dirs no mony fok dat gengs tae da paets noo-a-days an becis o dat a lok o wir unique Shetland wirds ir gettin lost.

My peerie sister Jenny drew da illustrations fir dis book an I im forever thankful tae her fir bringin da Ooricks tae life ageen.

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