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How to needle felt a peerie ooie heart brooch.

Updated: Jan 5

You will need:

• felting needles with a wooden handle or clover felting pen

• biscuit cutter

• wool roving

• thick foam pad

• leather finger protectors

• sewing needle

• thread

• beads

• thimble

• brooch back

1 - Fill your biscuit cutter with wool roving on top of the foam. 

2 - Hold your needles in an upright position and move them in an upwards downwards motion. I use 2 needles to form the basic shape then switch to 1 needle for finer detail. The needles are very brittle and sharp! Take care, and keep your fingers clear of the barbed needles - you can also use leather finger protectors for protection from the sharp barbs.

3 - Needle felt 1 side then flip the biscuit cutter over and felt the other side.  Continually flip the biscuit cutter over to prevent the wool sticking to the mat.  Continue in this way until all the wool fibres are felted together.  This can take a little while. 

4 - Once the wool has felted together you can pop your shape out of the biscuit cutter. 

5 - Felt the edges of your shape, you can also cut any stray fibres away with sharp scissors to neaten it up. 

6 - Sew beads to the front of your design and attach a brooch to the back. 

7 - Well done! You now have a lovely ooie brooch to brighten up your hat, coat, scarf or bag. 

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